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Spy Space Movie NASA & Mission Impossible?

After having worked on Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise & Philip Seymour Hoffman we are hoping, Alex von Roon, SAGAFTRA & British Equity will book the next Space movie by the Top Gun high grossing Mega Star.

Von Roon already worked with Michael Bay on the Island and just created a new Sexiest Actor Alive Profile with brand new headshots and reel in the works.

Here is Mr. Von Roon's Performance on Sharon Stone's Agent X Series. The Sorbonne, Berlin & NYU Alumni plays a French Bad Boy. How do you like it?

Also here is the Sexyback Experience by Justin Timberlake, which garnered almost 260 Million Views on Youtube. Congratulations. Our Brad Pitt & Ex Angelina Jolie Château Miraval Winetasting at Shutters in Santa Monica will be featured next. Btw. The Yoga on the Beach is quite the experience as is the Yoga #Robinson Club Daedalus.


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