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Acting, Journalism, Radio & Filmmaking 

Alexander von Roon (Dipl.-Kfm.) FU Berlin,Diplôme Sorbonne Nouvelle, NYU Film & TV Production & Professor for German #Deutsches Haus. MPAA, Prime Minister Award, NBC Uni Communications Award, FOCAL Footage Awards, Committee of Concerned Journalists, AIESEC, WWF, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, RTDNA.

Imdb Profile of Alexander von Roon

SAG-AFTRA Resume pdf

Alexander von Roon Acting Profile Actors Access

LinkedIn Profile Alexander von Roon

Alexander von Roon powered by iActor

Backstage Article about Alexander von Roon's way to the top in the Acting world that is Hollywood

Famous Fix Profile of Alexander von Roon profile of Alexander von Roon profile of Alexander von Roon profile of Alexander von Roon


Gilmore Girls

E! Entertainment Television

Edmond, David Mamet, Rotten Tomatoes


Trailer for Face of Evil 


Trailer for Return to Nihasa 

Trailer for The Lost Dutchman

Podcast Hothouse Bruiser

Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, Alexander von Roon is the newscaster in it

Lord von Roon

Alexander von Roon plays a Secret Agent 

Audio Drama Hothouse Bruiser Alexander von Roon is the "Bond Villain" - Professor Tough Guy

FAZ Businessradio

Weeds (US TV series)


Datei:Alexander von Roon in Papua New Gunea, Milne Bay

Photo: Alexander von Roon in US TV series Agent X

Alexander von Roon

Alexander von Roon Mdb Profile

Pinterest: Alexander von Roon & George Clooney

Alexander von Roon Hebrew Profile


Alexander von Roon Russian Profile

Alexander von Roon about Cinematography

Focal International & Alexander von Roon

Alexander von Roon: Synchron Kartei


Radio:Valentine's Day Radio Euroherz

Radio: Valentine's Day EINS Coburg


Radio: Valentine's Day Apollo Radio

Radio: Fleurop Mother's Day

Radio: Radio Saarbrücken Mother's Day

Alexander: Star Trek

Video Buster: Alexander von Roon

Manhattan Dating Project on I-tunes,finding love has never been so easy

Alexander von Roon & Snoop Doggy Dog reel

Watch some Acting reels of Alexander von Roon

Watch some of the movies with Alexander von Roon here

Writing Links

Interview with Christian Bale (#Batman) for Bild 


Print and TV Interview with George Clooney (#Batman)


Print and TV Interview with Miley Cyrus (Bravo Germany and Spain, also covering Mileys sweet 16th #twerking)


Meet and Greet with Rihanna at Valentine's Day for Bravo and MTV


MTV Video Music Awards (Tokio Hotel)


EPK Pussycat Dolls and Interview for Bild


Anna Nicole Smith

Kiefer Sutherland (Alexander von Roon had worked with him on "Touch"

Surfen with Matthew McConaughey


Bild Article about Alexander von Roon's work on Secretos, following in Tom Cruise Footsteps


Kate Hudson


Janet Jackson

Gala with Heidi Klum working on Germany's next top model

Alexander von Roon Producer Host NBC Universal Profile


One of the many interviews with Justin Timberlake by Alexander von Roon

Valentinstag in Hollywood: Ohne Blumen geht nichts!

Marketing-Vehikel der amerikanischen Filmindustrie

In Hollywood hat er den Namen "Water-Director" Interview with Wolfgang Petersen

Meine Begegnung mit George Clooney - Sexiest Man Alive!

Kiefer Sutherland mit OK! im Gespräch

Welt (Fernsehsender - TV channel)

N24 Anchors & Reporters

Alexander von Roon Namepedia

Katie Chats: Alexander von Roon interview

Das Schöne als Single?

Ich laufe nicht mit Bodyguards durch die Gegend































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