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Alexander von Roon 

Stats: 6’2”
Advanced Class BHP
Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Eyes: Green, Hair: Blond
US and EU passports - Willing to travel


Special Skills 

ANONYMOUS KILLERS, Supporting,  A.R. Hilton, Dir.

THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME, Voice, Susanna Fogel, Dir.

THE ZOOKEPER'S WIFE Voice Niki Caro, Dir. 

THE LOST DUTCHMAN, Lead, The Hall Brothers, Dir. 

RETURN TO NIHASA Supporting, Christopher Angel Brannan, Dir.

NOVEMBER MAN, Actor, Roger Donaldson, Dir.          

THE FIFTH ESTATE, Supporting, Bill Condon

ASSAULT ON WALL STREET, Supporting, Uwe Boll, Dir.
THE VANQUISHER, Lead, Dean Gold,Dir.
WAITING FOR DRACULA, Lead, Steve Oakley, Dir.
BRÜNO, Supporting, Larry Charles, Dir.
THE ISLAND, Supporting, Michael Bay, Dir.
ZODIAC, Supporting, David Fincher, Dir.
BODY OF LIES,  Supporting, Ridley Scott, Dir.
SYRIANA, Supporting, Stephen Gaghan. Dir.
GOAL, Supporting, Danny Cannon, Dir.
EDMON, Supporting, David Mamet, Dir.
THE TRADE, Supporting, Thomas Halikias, Dir.


Foreign Languages:  German, French, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Russian
Accents:  Russian, French, Dutch, Italian, Eastern European, Indian
Sports:  Skiing, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Sport Boat License, Rollerblading, Martial Arts
Military and Weapons Training

Guitar, Piano & Solo Singing


MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Leonato Frankfurt & Hessentag, Germany
STRAßENECKE  Julius FU Studiobühne, Berlin
SCHOOL OF SCANDALS  Sir. Peter Teasle BHP, Beverly Hills

OLEANNA Actors Studio

AGENT X, "Fidelity" with Sharon Stone, Guest Star 

GETTING ON, Co-star HBO / Becky Martin

DELETE, Co-star Brightlight / Syeve Barron 

RIZZOLI & ISLES, Dayplayer Paramount
CHUCK, Guest Star NBC / McG
TOUCH, Guest Star Fox
SOUTHLAND, Guest Star NBC / John Wells, Exec Prod.
MAD MEN, Co-star TBS / Phil Abraham, Dir.
WEEDS,  Co-star Showtime / Craig Zisk, Dir.
1000 WAYS TO DIE, Recurring Spike / Thom Beers, Dir.
BEYOND , Co-star Fox / Breck Eisner, Dir.
SECRETOS, Recurring KRCA / Lucas Torres, Dir.
GILMORE GIRLS , Co-star WB / Jamie Babbit, Dir.
E-RING (Pilot) , Co-star Jerry Bruckheimer, Prod.
I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR 4 , E! NEWS                                                              

Host E! Entertainment,

NBCUNIVERSAL Live from the Red Carpet (Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, SAG Awards)
BLOOMBERG  Host/Reporter Bloomberg TV



Beverly Hills Playhouse: Advanced Class, Milton Katselas  •  Diane Salinger, Coaching   •  Heather Scott, SKY News Teleprompter Training  •  Young Vic, Dominic Cook, Advanced Drama, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Shakespeare workshop • Michael D Cohen Comedy Class  • Santa Monica College David N. Schwartz & Julian Sands.


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